April 2021

Spring and warm weather returns! Winter is over and it’s that time of year to take boats out of storage! Annual preparation and cleaning will help prevent problems once you hit the water. Inspect your mast, stays, halyards and trailer and washing your boat will get you looking good for the season.

Reviewing the basic right of way rules and situations that Scot sailors often encounter when racing will get you ready for the season ahead. It's easy to forget how and where some rules come into play, so it never hurts to do a refresh prior to hitting the water. 

Don’t forget to dress for water temperatures and not air temperature!  Currently the river temperature at Berlin Lake is around 47º, wearing your life jacket could be the single most important factor surviving cold water immersion.  There’s nothing quite like spending the day on your boat with family and friends.  Just be sure safety is foremost in your mind.

As the 2021 season fast approaches, I’ll be seeing you all on the water soon! Until then, we’ll all be looking forward to another outstanding year of racing and fellowship at Berlin Yacht Club!

Ron Craig

Fleet 19 Captain

Flying Scot Sailing Association (FSSA):  If you are not already a member of the FSSA, consider joining.  FSSA is our national governing association.  Dues are just $40 a year, and this includes Scots n' Water, an excellent magazine devoted to the Flying Scot which is published 6 times per year.  When you support the FSSA, you support Flying Scot owners nationwide.  Visit FSSA for more information including access to old issues of the Scots n' Water in PDF format.
Regattas:  Click here for a list of all Flying Scot upcoming events.  Recent FSSA regatta results can be found here.